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Williamsburg Grade 4

Who was Edward Teach?A pirate, He was known as Blackbeard.
What was Duke of Gloucester StreetDuke of Gloucester Street is a main street in Wiliamsburg?
Where is Duke of Glocester Street?Located by the capitol.
Why did Alexander Spostswood lead an expedition across the Blue Ridge Mountains?So the French wouldn't claim the land.
Gov. Spotswood gave his expeditioners a reminder of their trip across the Blue Ridge Mountains. What was it? Why was it so important?A golden horse shoe, their trip was first to use horse shoes
Who was Francis Nicholson?Governor of Virginia.
What famous thing did Francis Nicholson do?He designed Williamsburg.
What is a capitol.A building where law makers meet.
Who met in the capitol?The House of Burgesses
What were the main crops grown on Virginia Plantations?Tabacco, Corn and wheat
What crop made the most moneyTabacco
What are Public times?when the House of Burgesses met
What is the main reason Public times were held?To make laws.
What other activities went on during Public times?Horse racing, games and trading
Black slaves did many things on plantations. What was their main job?Work in the tabacco fields.
What other trades did slaves have?Carpenters, blacksmith and navigators
Describe a frontier house.not comfortable and lots of land, three sides
What is Fort Necessity?Located next to Ft. Duquesne.
Who built Fort Necessity?George Washington.
Why was Ft. Necessity built?To protect them from the French.
Two reasons why Indians like French trappersThey just wanted to trade not push them off their land.
Describe General Edward Braddock. What happened to him?He was strict and brave. He died in the war.
5 characteristics of Williamsburgwealthy, nice roads, capitol, named after King, straight roads, busy, wigs

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