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antiquatedold-fashoned; out-of-date
berateto scold harshly
cholericshowing a quick temper; easily angered
conglomeratemass; cluster; a lrge corporation made by merging companies
deduceto trace the coure or origin of; to figure out by reasoning
dogmaticsaid without any proof being offered; opinionated
evervateto deprive of strenght, force, or vigor
exacerbateto make more ntense or sharp; aggressive
furtivedoen or acting in a sly, sneaky way
haughtyshowing great pride in oneself and scorn for others
inaneempty; lacking sense; silly
indigenousexisting. growind, or produced naturally in a region; native
lethargicabnormally drowsy ot dull; sluggish
mentora wisem loyal advisor; teacher
obsequiousfull of servile compliance; fawning
pacifista person who apposes war or violence
pragmaticconcerned with actual practice, not theory; practical
propensitya natural inclination or tendancy
refuteto prove(a person, argument, statement) to be wrong
sagaciouswise; showing good judgement
stoica person who uses reason and controls his emotions
temperatemoderate or self-restrained; not excessive
urbanepolite and courteous ina smooth, polished way
vilifyto use foul or insulting language about; slander; defame
zeniththe highest point; peak

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