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Dinosaur Name Game

You will read the clues we've created and try to guess which dinosaur goes with each clue.

This dinosaur was like a turtle and a giraffe. It's teeth were shaped like a pencil.Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus
This dinosaur was 3 feet tall. It had an S-shaped neck.Velociraptor
This dinosaur was one of the most fierce meat-eaters. It had two fingers.Tyrannosaurus Rex
This dinosaur has a parrot-like beak. It was 35 inches tall.Protoceratops
This dinosaur has brown polka-dots. It's name means "good mother lizard."Maiasaura
This dinosaur has thumb-spikes and it eats plants.Iguanodon
This dinosau it might have been able to spit glue.Dilophosaurus
This dinosaur is a meat-eater. He was related to Velociraptor and Coelophysis.Ceratosaurus
This dinosaur has a shield and it's teeth are 20 cm. long.Triceratops
This dinosaur ate meat on it's hind feet and it had a 3 foot long skull.Tyrannosaurus Rex
This dinosaur was carnivore. It's name means "sharp-teeth" and "lizard-hipped".Coelophysis
This dinosaur had about 30 very sharp teeth. It could run up to 40 mph.Velociraptor
This dinosaur was 82-100 + feet long. It had chisel-shaped teeth.Ultrasaurus
It was a flying reptile and had bristle-like teeth.Pterodactyls
This dinosaur is a meat-eater and it was a fast runner.Coelophysis

Laurie Fish Paar

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