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Mythology: creation

the major greek characters from creation to

chaossource of creation
uranusson/husband of gaea
rheasister/wife of Zeus
sickleused to castrate Uranus
herasister/wife of Zeus
poseidongod of the sea
hestiagoddess of the home
styx1st titan to help Zeus
cerberusHades' dog
egyptwhere the gods hid from Typhon
panshepherd god
gaeamother earth
hundred handed giants50 heads/100 arms
cronusson/husband of gaea
furiesdrive murderers insane
zeusKing of the gods
titanschildren of Uranus and Gaea
typhononly serious threat to Zeus
demetergoddess of grain
hadesgod of the underworld
Mt Etnawhere Typhon is buried

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