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The Vocab Know It All

A set of flashcards used for studying purposes to help you understand the selected words better.

asyluman institution for care of children,eldery people,etc, a place for safety.
rejuvenateto make young again;to renew
pugnaciousquarrelsome, fond of fighting
liabilitya debt;something disadvantageous
immunityresistance to disease;freedom from some charge or obligation
dwinldeto lessen;diminish
dilateto make or become larger or wider;to expand upon.
assurancea pledge;freedom from doubt, self-confidence
venturea risky or daring undertaking,(v) to expose danger ;to dare
flippantlacking in seriousness;disrespectful, saucy.
consoleto comfort
drossrefuse, waste products
preposterousridiculous, senseless
rabidfurious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme;mad;infected with rabies.
realma kingdom;a regoin or field of study.
immunityresistance to disease;freedom from some charge or obligation
sterlinggenuine,excellent;of standard quality
warpto twist out of shape
remunerateto reward,pay,reminburse


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