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buckshotlarge lead shot from a gun.
Beaglea breed of a dog.
pneumoniaa very deadly sickness.
motorcyclean on road and off road machine with two wheels only.
disappointednot happy, sad.
jeepan offroad or on road vhicle.
vetenarya place where dogs get shots and get checkups.
accidentallynot on purpose ,accident.
gristmilla place that has alot of grain.
mesquitoesa type of insect.
ammoextra bullets or shot gun shells.
scramgo away , get out.
shade boosha place with barely any sunlight.
German Sheaperda breed of dog.
barkan outside covering of a tree.
fastento put on or tighten.
porcha place on the back of your house to walk on.
plankslong thick boards.
striketo hit or colide.
hena kind of bird.
runningspeeding or racing.
gannysacksfabric sacks or pouches.
tuckeredtired out.
somersaultsa type of flip or tumble.
saucera round plate used for tea cups.

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