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Human Reproductive System

Activities to review the parts of the human reproductive system. Both male and female anantomy and physiology is discussed.

testesmale gonad; consist of seminiferous tubules; produce sperm
scrotumfold of skin outside the body; contains the testes; controls temperature
epididymissstores sperm; sperm gain motility
ejaculationsperm propelled from epididymis through penis
vas deferensduct connecting epididymis to urethra
semenfluid ejaculated with sperm
prostate glandlargest semen-secreting glands; balances the acidity of any residual urine in the urethra and helps activate sprem
bulbourethral glandbelow prostate; secrete a clear viscous fliud before ejaculation
penisdeposit sperm into vagina
ovariesfemale gonad; produce ovum (egg)
ovulationegg cell expelled from follicle
cervixneck of uterus which opens into the vagina
vaginaforms the birth canal; repository for the sperm duing copulation
hymenpartly covers baginal opening in humans
mammary glandsbreasts; secrete milk
menstral cyclespreparation of the uterine walls
ovulatory phaserelease of the egg

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