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New York, Here We Come

Vocabulary terms

Heavedthrow, cast
Squirmingto twist about like a worm
Futona cottonfilled mattress used on the floor
Slingingto throw with a sudden sweeping motion
Rummagedto engage in an undirected search
Incidentan occurance or happening
Jittersa sence of panic or extreme nervousness
Retrobackward, back in time
Mentionedto refer to
Nudgedto touch or push gently
Interjectedto throw in a remark while someone else is talking
Piroettea rapid whirling about of the body
Waftinga slight breeze
Appreciativehaving or showing appreciation
Sheepishlyshowing embarrassmemt due to your fault
Squatterperson that settles on property without right
Turnstilea post with arms on the top in a passage way so that people can go thru on foot one at a time
Swarmto move about or assemble in a crowd
Serenadingto preform a song in honor of someone;sing to them
Scrutinizedto examine closely and minutely
Sinisterscary looking
Bearablecapable of being borne
Furrowto make furrows, gooves, winkles, or lines
Mischievousable of tending to cause annoyance,trouble or minor injury
Eliminationthe act of discharging or excreting waste products from the body

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