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Internet Terms

Learn the glossary of terms by playing fun games.

Arpanetthe precurser to the Internet developed by Dept of Defense
Bandwidththe amount of stuff that can be sent through a connection
Baudhow many bits can be sent or received per second
Bpsbits per second- used to determine speed of a modem
Browsera client (software) programs used to look at Internet sites
Domain namethe name that identifies the Internet site
FAQfrequently asked questions
GIFa common format for image files
Hita measurement on how many times a website has been visited
HTMLthe coding language to create Hypertext documents to be viewed on the Internet. (Hypertext Markup Language)
Interneta vast collection of interconnected networks. Evolved from Arpanet
ISPInternet service provider
LANlocal area network
Netiquettethe etiquette or good manners of Internet usage
Netscapea browser program to view websites on the Internet
SMTPsimple mail transfer protocol. The way e-mail is sent and received
T-1a leased line for Internet connectivity. The fastest way to connect networks to the Internet
URLUniversal resource locator-the standard way to give an address of a website
WANwide area network
Cyberspacea term used to describe the information available on the Internet

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