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bio 2 shark information

this is a page about matching the name of the body part with the place that it is at in the body

rostrumtip of nose
nasal capsulesthe nose
olfactary foramenthe holes for nerves to pass in the eye socket
external narisholes at bottom of nasal capsules
otic capsulescontain inner ear
orbitscontain the eye
epiphyseal foramencontains the pineal body, rudament of median of third eye
endolymphatic fossapass trough the endolymphatic ducks
foramen magnumthe spinal cord passes through
occipial condylesarticulate with first vertebre
palatoquadrate cartilages1st gill arches
meckel's cartilages1st gill arch
hyoid arch2nd gill arch
hyomandibulardirectly under the otic capsule
ceratohyaldirectly under the hyomandibular
basihyalpt. coming off ceratohyal
pharyngobranchialbelow vertebre column
epibranchialbelow pharyngobranchial
ceratobranchialbelow epibranchial
hypobranchialbelow ceratobranchial


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