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The Road to the American Revolution

Revere, Dawes, PrescottRode to warn Concord that the British were coming
Intolerable Actsclosed the Boston port
militiaarmy of ordinary citizens
Patriotperson favoring independence
First Continental Congressmeeting of colonial delegates in response to the Intolerable Acts
Minutemenmilitia that was ready to fight in a minute's notice
Loyalistperson loyal to Britain
John Hancockrich Boston Patriot
Patrick HenryVirginian who urged colonists to fight for liberty
Lexington1st battle of the Revolution
Concordbattle where the British were forced to retreat
artillerycannons and large guns
2nd Continental Congressmade Washington head of army, declared independence
Declaration of Independencelists grievances and announces separation from Britain
Ethan Allen/Benedict Arnoldcaptured Ft. Ticonderoga
George Washingtoncommander of the Contiental Army
Thomas Paineauthor of Common Sense
Thomas Jeffersonauthor of the Declaration of Independence
Richard Henry Leeproposed the colonies become an independent country
Olive Branch Petitionlast effort for reconciliation
Abigail Adamswanted the women to be included in the Declaration of Independence
Bunker Hillshowed the colonists they could hold their own against the British
Dorchester Heightsbattle that drove the British from Boston

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