Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

I will make you disappear


grovea group of trees with no under growth
shiverto shake or tremble
scoldedto get in trouple
pretendedto act like someone or something you are not
mendedto fix
handy mana man who has odd jobs or small tasks
deliberatelyto do on purpose
lingeringto stall
stallto delay
canarya small bird which is breeded to be a cage bird
shop keepera person who owns or runs a shop
boastedto interup when someone is speaking
impressedto be amazed
cuttlebonea shell of a cuttlefish that birds eat
gloomydark and dismel
discoverthe first to find
sheda covered sctucture used to hold storage
door framea frame to hold a door
absorbto take in
trap doora hinged door that you pull up
serpanta reptile also known as a snake
secretto keep hidden
country sidethe side of a country
threadbarepassed down cloths
flashlighta small portable lamp run by batteries

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