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All Kinds of Friends Unit 3 Review

Review Unit 3 vocabulary.

designa pattern of form or color
dyea liquid used to color cloth
weaveto make cloth by lacing threads over and under each other
woolthick, soft hair taken from sheep or some kinds of goats and used to make rugs and clothing
thoroughlycompletely; without skipping anything
weatherthe way things are outside
distancea place far away
measuredused the exact amounts as directed
ingredientsthings listed in a recipe that are mixed together to make something
lightninga sudden flash of light in the sky that happens during a storm
recipea list of ingredients and directions for making a food
aliveliving; not dead
builtmade something; put something together
disturbto bother or upset
themselvestheir own selves
tunnelslong, narrow spaces dug underground
coastland at the edge of the sea
curiousvery interested to learn know more about
foughttried very hard
surfacethe top of the water, where the water meets the air
forcedmade someone do something
tangledtwisted and trapped
criesloud shouts or calls
harmlesscausing no harm or damage
exploreto go into new or unknown places
weighsmeasures how heavy something or someone is
finallyat last
noisea loud sound

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