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Genetic Expression

This is a eview of DNA structure, transcription and translation created by Mary Buttiglieri for grade 7 Life Science

DNAThe code of life
Adenine pairs withThymine
Cytosinepairs with guanine
Double Helix2 strands twisted together
polymerlarge molecule made from bonding monomers
Nucleotidesmonomer of DNA
Transcriptionproduction of m-RNA using a DNA template
m-RNA structurestraight chain of nucleotides
Uracilreplaces thymine in m-RNA
translationproduction of protein at ribosome
codonevery 3 m-RNA bases that codes for one amino acid
t-RNAtransfer RNA; brings amino acid to ribosome
geneseries of DNA bases that codes for one protein
mutationchange in genetic information
proteinpolymer made from monomers
amino acidsmonomers of proteins
AUGstart codon
stop codonsfound on m-RNA to stop protein production
base pairing ruleA-T and C-G for DNA
One DNA strandused to make a m-RNA

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