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The Evolution Game

The Best D@mn Evolution Game There Ever Was...
Match The Descriptions with their Names!
Special Thanks to Mr. McGaffin
Springbrook HS, Silver Spring Md, 20904.....3-24-00

FossilsPreserved or mineralized remains or traces of an organism
PaleantologyThe Study of Fossils
Homologous StructuresSimilarly in anatomical Structures
Vestigial StructuresReduced in size and have limited or no use
Analogous StructuresSame functions, but different structures
IsolationCondition in which two populations of the same species are separated from each other
ExtinctionThe death of every member of a species.
AdaptionThe changing of a species that results in it being better suited for its environment
PopulationAll of the same species in an area
Micro EvolutionA Change within a species
Macro EvolutionA Change among a species
Natural SelectionSurvival of the Fittest (Strongest)
Lamark's TheoryUse & Dissuse
GradualismEvolution as a result of small changes in a species over long periods of time
Punctuated EquilibriumLong periods of stability divided by periods of sudden change
Co-EvolutionTwo organisms (Different Species) evolving together
Transition SpeciesA species that is the evolutionary stop between two different species
Convergent EvolutionThe accumulation of similarities between groups
Divergent EvolutionThe accumulation of differences between groups
Reproductive IsolationOrganisms that once belonged to the same species, but can no longer mate.

Robert Gaffigan

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