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"Earthquake Terror" Vocabulary

Match the words with definitions

debrisremains of something broken or destroyed
devastationdestruction or ruin
faulta break in a rock mass caused by shifting of earth's crust
impactthe striking one object against another
jolta sudden jerk or bump
shudderedshook,vibrated, or quivered
susceptibleeasily affected
undulatingmoving in waves or with smooth, wavy motion
upheavalcrust a lifting or upward movement of the earth's crust
stiflingvery hot or stuffy; suffocating
droughta long period of time with little or no rainfall
equatorthe imaginary line that circles the earth
pollenthe fine powderlike material produced by flowering plants
franticvery upset, as from fear or worry
graspto take hold or firmly grip
cobblestonesrounded stones used for paving streets
terroran extreme, overpowering fear
inspectora person's whose job is to carefully review or examine
recoverto restore or regain a normal state
committeea group of people brought together for a special purpose

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