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"The Grizzly Bear Family Book"

Match the words with the definitions.

abundantmore than enought; plentiful
aggressivebold; ready and quick to fight
carcassthe dead body of an animal
dominancethe condition of having the most control
subserviencethe state of being willing to yield to others' power
territoryan area inhabited by an animal or animal group and defended against intruders
tundraa treeless Arctic region where the subsoil is permanently forzen and where only low shrubs, lichens, and mosses can grow
warinessthe state of being on one's guard
wildernessany unsettled region in its natural state
cariboua type of Artic deer
tolerantable to allow the presence of something unusual without resistance
buglinga noise similar to the noise a bugle makes
engrossedcompletely occupied
humilitythe quality of being meek or modest
subjugateto bring under control; conquer
instinctivein a way that is inborn or naturally present at birth
adventthe arrival of a new person, thing, or event
auroraa brilliant display of lights visible in the night sky, chiefly in the polar regions

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