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Chap 18 Waves and Sound

The following activity is designed to assist with learning various terms and ideas about waves and sound.

waverhythmic disturbance that carries energy through matter or space
mediuma material through which a wave travels
transverse wavetype of wave where the medium moves at right angles to the direction the wave is travelling
cresthighest point of a wave
troughlowest point of a wave
amplitudedistance from the rest position of the medium to either the crest or trough
frequencynumber of wave crests that pass a point during one second
compressional wavewave where matter vibrates in the same direction as the wave is travelling
acousticsstudy of sound
pitchhighness or lowness of sound, which is determined by the frequency of sound waves
intensitythe amount of energy in each wave; measured in decibels
loudnesshuman perception of sound intensity
musicsound created using specific pitches, sound quality, and regualr patterns
noisesound that has no regular pattern or definite pitch
resonancetendency of an object to vibrate at the same frequency as another vibrating source
qualitythe difference among sounds of the same pitch and loudness
interferenceability of two or more waves to combine and form a new wave
reverberationthe echoing effect produced by multiple reflections of sound
ultrasound technologytechnology using high frequency sound waves for many different purposes

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