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Skin Terms

3# of layers skin has
22Skin covers over an area of _ square feet in an average adult
8 to 10The skin weighs _ to _ pounds
Basal LayerDeepest layer of the epidermis containing keratin and melanocytes
Blood VesselsThe skin contains _ _ that aid in the regulation of body temperature
CoriumDense, fibrous, connective tissue layer; also called dermis
DermisDense, fibrous, connective tissue layer; also called corium
Dermis or CoriumTrue skin layer with nerve endings, providing sense of touch, heat and cold
Dermis or CoriumBlood vessels, together with nerve fibers, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and hair follicles are found in this layer
EpidermisThin, outermost, cellular membrane layer
GlandsThe skin contains _ that secrete fluids
GlandsSkin's accessory organs are: hair, nails & _
HairSkin's accessory organs are: glands, nails & _
IntegumentMeans covering
Integumentary SystemSkin and its accessory organs (hair, nails and glands) are known as
KeratinProtein found in the basal skin layer
LipocytesFat cells
LipocytesConnects dermis to muscles and organs below it, acting as heat insulator
Basal Skin LayerMelanocytes are found in this skin layer
MelanocytesContain melanin that gives color to the skin
NailsSkin's accessory organs are: hair, glands & _
Nerve FibersSkin acts as a receptor for pain, temperature, pressure & touch through _ _ under the skin
NervesThe skin contains _ that carry impulses
Protective BarrierSkin provides a _ _ against bacteria
SkinOuter covering of the body
SkinLargest organ of the body
Subcutaneous layerThick, fat-containing underlying tissue
Subcutaneous layerLipocytes or fat cells found here connects dermis to muscles and organs below it, acting as heat insulator
Vitamin DSkin aids in _ _ production via sunlight or ultraviolet radiation exposure
WaterproofSkin provides a _ and germ-resistant covering


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