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Vocabulary - Word List #3 - Maya

These words should help you review the information we learned about the Maya Civilization.

abandonto desert
ancestryfamily descent - family tree
Chichen Itzac.800BC to AD1224 - Maya city - "The opening of the well of the Itza"
accessionthe act of attaining a throne or coming into power
reigna period of rule; royal power
uniquevery unusual
architecturea style of design and construction
cenoteunderground limestone sinkhole
erosiona gradual wearing away
brocadeto weave a raised design into cloth
John Lloyd Stephens and Fredrick Catherwoodtwo explorers that discovered Maya ruins at Copan in 1839.
decipherdecode; to make out the meaning of something
translateto put into the words of a different language
bilingualability to speak two languages
Chiapasa state located in southwestern Mexico
dynastydescendants of a long family line
empirea group of states or territories under one ruler
Kukulkanthe Itza name for the Mexican god, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent
Solar CalendarMaya calendar fo 365 days
Ritual or Sacred CalendarMaya calendar of 260 days - used to fortell the future and avoid bad luck
Long CountMaya way of counting years
inscribeto mark or engrave words on a surface
Mayac300BC to AD1541 - for over 500 years this civilization flourished in the highlands of Guatemala; rainforests of northern Guatelmala; and the Yucatan peninsula
astrologya nonscientific claim that the moon, sun, and stars affect human affairs and can be used to fortell the future
astronomythe science that deals with the origin, size, motion etc. of the stars and planets
monumentsomething set up to keep alive the memory of a person or event, as a tablet or statue

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