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Gas Laws

Review ideas that describe the behavior of gases.

Boyle's LawPV = PV
Charles's LawV/T = V/T
inverserelationship between pressure and volume
directrelationship between volume and temperature
ideal gas lawtakes into account pressure, volume, temperature, and moles present
Dalton's lawdeals with partial pressures
partial pressureamount of pressure exerted by a gas in a mixture of gases
Avogadro's hypothesisequal volumes of a gas at the same temp. and pressure contain equal numbers of particles
22.4 Litersvolume a gas occupies at STP
STPstandard temperature and pressure
1 atmosphere= 760 mm Hg
2 atmospheres= 202.6 kPa
1 mm Hg= 1 torr
ideal gas constant8.31 L*kPa/K*mol
diffusionthe tendency of molecules to move from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration
effusionthe process of a gas escaping through a small opening
temperaturemeasure of the average kinetic energy of gas particles
Kelvin temperaturedegrees celsius + 273
absolute zerowhere volume of a gas is zero
combined gas lawPV/T = PV/T
ideal gasgas whose particles have no volume and no attraction to one another
kinetic molecular theorybased on the concept that particles of all forms of matter are in constant motion

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