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Ch. 35 Flash Cards

These are the vocabulary words for Chapter 35 in the Ecce Romani Text.

ligo, ligare (1), ligavi, ligatusto bind up, tie
credo, credere (3), credidi, creditusto trust, believe
adimo, adimere (3), ademi, ademptusto take away (from)
securus, -a, -umcarefree, unconcerned
affectus, -a, -umaffected, overcome
pronus, -a, -umface down
summus, -a, -umgreatest, very great
certus, -a, -umcertain, sure
rectus, -a, -umright, proper
quam (+superlative) possible
percutio, percutere (3io), percussi, percussusto strike
corripio, corripere (3io), corripui, correptusto seize, grab
deus, -i (m)god
tergum, -i (n)back, rear
collis, collis, collium (m)hill
fustis, fustis, fustium (m)club, cudgel
timor, timoris (m)fear
vulnus, vulneris (n)wound
gravis, -is, -eheavy, serious
diligens, diligentispainstaking, thorough, diligent


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