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Exploring Space

The students are challenged to learn the vocabulary for Chapter 14, Exploring Space.

fusioncombining of less massive elements to form more massive elements
coronaoutmost part of the sun
sunspotdark region on the sun's surface
solar windthe expanding corona
solar flarepowerful eruptions of very hot gases from the sun
auroraglow or display of lights in the skies at far northern or far southern latitudes
prominencehuge loop of hydrogen gas above the sun's surface
nebuladust and gas in space
red gianta star that has swelled
white dwarfa star that has collapsed to the size of the earth
supernovathe explosion of a star, releasing huge amounts of light and other energy
neutron stara star collapsed far enough to be composed only of neutrons
black holea star or other object that has collapsed so far that no light can get out
pulsara star that gives off pulses of radio waves
Milky Way Galaxythe galaxy in which the solar system is located
quasara faraway object that resembles a star but gives off as much light as a galaxy
red shiftlight waves from retreating objects change to a redder color
big bang theoryevent that started the universe about thirteen billion years ago
optical telescopetool used to study light from distant objects
radio telescopetool used to study radio waves from space

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