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The Immune System

Here are some games to help you learn more about the body's immune system.

lysozymean enzyme that digests the cell walls of many bacteria and destroys microbes.
skinbarrier that cannot be penetrated by bacteria or viruses, counter pathogens with chemical defenses such as oil and sweat
mucusviscous fluid secreted by cells that traps particles and expells them.
phagocytosisingestion of invading particles by certain types of white blood cells
macrophageslargest phagocytic cells, especially effective and long-living
inflammatory responsetriggered by damage to tissue; blood vessels in the area of injury dilate, increasing blood supply, causing redness and heat, initiated by chemical signals
antigenforeign substance that elicits an immune response; four functions: neutralization, agglutination of particulate antigens, precipitation of soluble antigens, and activation of complement
antibodiesspeicalized lymphocytes produce these specific proteins that counteract antigensins to
active immunityimmunity conferred by recovering from an infectious disease; depends on the response of a person's own immune system
passive immunityimmunity gained by transferring antibodies from one individual to another
B cellslymphocytes that carry out the humoral immune response
T cellslymphocytes that function mainly in the cell-mediated immune response
humoral immunityan immune response to antigens resulting in the production of antibodies that circulate as soluble proteins in blood plasma and lymph
cell-mediated immunityimmune response that depends on the direct action of cells
memory cellscells that aid the immune system in recognizing an antigen previously encountered by the body
allergyhypersensitivity of the body's defense system to certain enviromental allergens

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