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U.S. measurement conversions

Learn to convert quarts to pints, pounds to ounces, etc.

one quart2 pints
one quart4 cups
one quart32 fluid ounces
one quart1/4 gallon
one pint1/2 quart
one pint2 cups
one pint16 fluid ounces
one pint1/8 gallon
one gallon4 quarts
one gallon8 pints
one gallon16 cups
one gallon128 fluid ounces
one cup1/2 pint
one cup1/4 quart
one cup8 fluid ounces
one foot12 inches
one foot1/3 yard
one yard36 inches
one yard3 feet
one mile5280 feet
one mile1760 yards
one ton2000 pounds
one pound16 ounces

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