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Bacteria & Protists & Fungi


Flagellema whip-like tail found on protists and bacteria for movement
Fissionasexual reproduction (involving bacteria)
Aerobean organism that requires oxygen
Anaerobean organism that does not require oxygen
Saprophytean organism that uses dead material as a resource for energy and food
Nitrogen-fixing bacteriabacteria that change nitrogen in the air into compounds of nitrogen,
Pathogenan organism that generates disease
Antibiotica substance produced to destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria
Vaccinea substance that causes the body to resist infection or develop immunity to a specific virus
Toxina poison that is produced by pathogens
Endosporea bacterial cell that has a thick-wall around it or hot & cold temps
Antibiotic resistantevoulutionary change when strains of bacteria becomes immuned to a drug that once worked to kill them
Protistsimple eukaryotic organism, may be single & multi-celled, lives in wet environment
Algaeprotists that contain chlorophyll, and through the process of photosynthesis, are able to make food
Protozoaanimal-like protists that are single-celled, animal like protists
Pseudopoda cytoplasmic extension, which resembles a foot "fake foot", that is used to capture food
Ciliashort, hair-like structures that stretch from the cell membrane to help move
Hyphaefine, tube like threads making up the body of the fungus
Sporereproductive cells that form without fertilization in some protists & fungi
Sporangiathe circular spore case in zygote fungi
Ascustiny, saclike structure in which spores are created in sac fungi
Buddingasexual reproduction in yeasts (where it grows out of the parents side)
Basidiumclub shaped structure in which spores are created in club fungi
Lichencombination of green algae & cyanobacterium and a fungus that form a mutual relationship
Red tidean algae population explosion that causes salt water to appear red and results in the illness and death of many fish

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