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Chapter 17 section 1 "Slavery or Freedom in the West"

LouisianaFirst state carved out if the Louisiana Purchase
MissouriJoined the Union as a slave state
Missouri to the Union problemIf admitted she would upset the balance of power in government
1819That year there were 11 free states and 11 slave states
NorthernersThey fought against Missouri being admitted to the Union
Henry ClayProposed the Missouri Compromise
Missouri CompromiseAdmit Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state
36ยบ30'NSlavery was allowed south of that latitude line and no slavery allowed north of it
Missouri Compromise applied only toLouisiana Purchase territory
David Wilmothe called on Congress to outlaw slavery in any land won from Mexico
Wilmot ProvisoIt wanted no slavery allowed in any land won from Mexico
Sectionalisma feeling of loyalty to one's state or section rather than to the whole country
Mexican WarIt strengthened feelings of sectionalism in the North and South
Northern abolitionistsThey demanded that slavery be abolished throughout the country
white southernersthey demanded that slavery be allowed everywhere even though many owned no slaves at all
Popular sovereigntymeans control by the people to vote whether they want slavery or not
Free Soil PartyPolitical group formed because the Whig and Democratic parties refused to take a stand on slavery
"Free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men"slogan of Free Soil party
keep slavery out of the western territoriesGoal of the Free Soil Party
Zachary TaylorWon the Presidential campaign of 1848

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