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Apuleius Vocab- Chapter 4

vocabulary activities for chapter 4 Apuleius

pauloa little
maturus, -a, -umripe, early
complexus, complexus, membrace, hug
expostulo, 1to demand, to complain of
desino, desinere, desii, desitusto cease
monitio, monitionis, fwarning
paenitet, paenitere, paenituitto regret, to repent
minor 1,to threaten
luctus, luctus, mmourning, lamentation
confero, conferre, contuli, conlatus, irregto bring together
cedo, cedere, cessi cessusto give way to, to go
contingo, contingere, contigi, contactusto touch
morior, mori, mortuusto die
careo (+ abl), 2to need, to be without
reddo, reddere, redidi, reditusto give back, to return, to give
sisto, sistere, stiti, statusto place, to cause to stand
imprimo, imprimere, impressi, impressusto imprint, press upon
blanditia, blanditiae, fpl. endearments, flatteries
percontor, 1to question
festino, 1to hurry, hasten
creo, 1to create, cause
uber, uberis, nbreast, teat
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectusto accomplish, effect
clemens, clementiskind, gentle
flatus, flatus, mblowing, breath, breeze
tectum, tecti, nroof, house
obliviscor,oblivisci, oblitus (+ gen)to forget
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictusto make, invent, pretend
montanus, -a, -ummountainous
venatio, venationis, fhunting
prodo, prodere,prodidi, proditusto betray

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