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Geometry Fun

Match the definitions to the correct vocabulary words.

acute anglean angle which measures less than 90 degress
obtuse anglean angle which measures more than 90 degrees
scalene trianglea triangle with no equal sides
isosceles trianglea triangle with two equal sides
equilateral trianglea triangle with three equal sides
right trianglea triangle with a right angle
quadrilaterala polygon with four sides
squarea parallelogram with four equal sides and four right angles
rhombusa parallelogram with four equal sides and no right angles
trapezoida quadrilateral with one set of parallel lines
rectanglea parallelogram with two sets of equal sides and four right angles
parallelograma quadrilateral with two sets of parallel sides and no right angles
hypotenusethe side across from the right angle in a right triangle
polygona closed plane figure with straight sides
line segmentpart of a line with a definite beginning and end
parallel lineslines which never intersect
perpendicular lineslines which intersect at a right angle
right anglean angle which measures exactly 90 degrees
diametera line in a circle which measure from side to side through the center

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