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Mimi Vocabulary for Units 7,8,and 9

These games will get you acquainted with the terms used in episopdes 7,8 and 9. You will need to know them for a test on Friday April 11th.

meteorologista person who studies the weather
thermistoran electronic device used to measure temperature
transmittera device for sending out communication signals
receivera device that takes in signals and makes them understandable
atmospherethe air; weather occurs here
condensationthe process in which moisture in the air is cooled and becomes a liquid
rime icetiny ice particles that form when a cloud of mist touches a very cold object
ADF (Radio Tag)a device that indicates the direction to a transmitted signal
barometera device that measures air pressure
wind chillthe effect in which creates a lower sensation of temperature than that of the air itself
precipitationrain, snow, sleet, hail (all forms of moisture that fall from the sky)
thermoregulationthe way that living creatures respond to temperature changes and maintain their temperature
harpoonan iron spear used by whalers to kill a whale

AIS Math
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