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rotationthe earth rotates every 24 hours on its axis
axisthe imaginary pole that the Earth spins on
subsoilthe second layer of soil that contains, sand, silt, and clay
libertyone of the inalienable rights
eagleour national bird
economicsa term to describe money
obeliskcreated by the Egyptians..the washingon monument
calendar365 days- a contribution from the ancient egyptians
republicRome was this
emperorJulius Caesar
dictatora person who controls a country with no input from others
caesarJulius and Augustus
parthenona building in Ancient Greec
homophonestheir - there
publishthe final step of the writing process
edittime to check your work,,, are there any mistakes?
vowelsa e i o u
verbsaction words
hypothesisan educated guess
sumthe answer to an addition problem
productthe answer to a multiplication problem
differencethe answer to a subraction problem
numeratorthe top number in a fraction
denominatorthe bottom number in a fraction

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