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Review activities for India and SE Asia

A variety of activities to review India and SE Asia

monsoonseasonal wind pattern in southern Asia
Sanskritwriting system developed by the Aryans
rajaAryan prince or leader
caste systemset of rigid social categories or classes introuduced by Aryans into India
Hinduismreligion of the majority of Indians; originated in religious beliefs of Aryans
reincarnationbelief in cycle of rebirth common to both Hinduism and Buddhism
karmaforce created by one's actions that will determine how a personn is reborn
dharmadivine laws of each caste that must be performed
asceticspeople who practice self-denial
nirvanaultimate reality in Buddhism; union with Grreat World Soul
mokshaHindu term for union with Brahmin
Buddhismreligon founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama
Silk Roadmajor trade rute that linked Aisa with western Europe
Vedascollections of hymns and other religous rituals sacred to Hindus
Uanishadscollection of essays that tried to explain the Vedas
Harappan Civilizationearly civilization that arose along the Indus River
Harappa and Mohenjo-Darotwo major cities of the Harapan civilization
AryansIndo-Europeans who entered Indus Valley around 100 BC
Mauryan DynastyFirst India family to rule northern India
Chandragupta Mauryanfounder of the Mauryan Dynasty
Asokaconsidered to be the greatest ruler in Indian history
Kushan kingdomnormadic warriors who conquered northern India and grew wealthy from trade along Silk Road
Guptan Dynastyruled India during its Golden Age
Chandraguptafoundered of the Guptan Dynasty
Mahabharata and RamayanaIndia's great historical epics
Kalidasaauthor of the Cloud Messenger
Aryabhatamost famous mathematician of the Gupta Dynasty
Theravadasect of Buddhism that sees Buddhism as way of life
Mahayanasect of Buddhism that sees Buddhism as a religion
RajputsHindu warriors who tried to fight Mahmud of Ghazni, but failed
Mahmud of GhazniMuslim who attaced northern India for 17 consecutive years
Sultanate of DelhiIslamic state established created in the northern Indian plain in 1200 AD
Timur Lenkruler of Mongol state based in Samarkand who raided Delhi and killed 100,000 Hindus
Dandingreat Sanskrit prose writer; author f The Ten Princes
Vietmanfirst peoples of SE Asia to create their own state
AngkorAncient kingdom of SE Asia; located in what is present day Cambodia
Thaipeoples who donflicted with Angkor and set up capital at Ayutthaya
Burmanspeoples from highlands of Tibet who formed own society in valleys of the Salween and Irrawaddy Rivers
Angkor Watfamous temple

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