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TechApp E-mail, E-mail, Everywhere - (copy)

These games will help a novice in the world of e-mail become more comfortable with basic e-mail concepts and terms.

Reply to a messageAnswer a message
ForwardSend mail you have recieved to another person
CCCarbon Copy
BCCBlind Carbon Copy
SignatureInformation about yourself that is added to the bottom of a e-mail message
SendRelease a message for delivery
ListservA mail reflector
AttachmentA file that is included in a message
DeletePermently remove a message
ComposeCreate a new message
Move to folderOrganize your mail
InboxWhere new mail apears
OutboxWhere mail goes after send
Sent ItemsWhere copies of all mail you have sent is stored
Deleted ItemsWhere copies of all mail you have deleted is stored
FromWho sent the mail
SubjectWhat the message is about
Check for new mailManally initiate a request for new mail
flagMark a message for yourself to follow up or mark a message with a request for someone else.
ImportanceHelp you identify the type of item

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