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Renaissance and Reformation

This is a review activity for selected events, philosophies, and people of the 15th-16th centuries European Renaissance

Renaissanceperiod of renewed interest in the classical civilizations
Humanismbelief in the worth of the individual and that the individual is at the center of life
Christian Humanismindividual is responsible for salvation
Venicetrading republic known as the "Queen to the Adriatic"
Medicipowerful Florentine family, patron of the arts
Sforzapowerful Milanese family
papacyoffice of the Pope
Michelangelopainted Sistine Chapel ceiling
vanEycknoted Flemish artist, famous for detailed paintings
DurerGerman artist who studied with Italian masters "Gift of the Magi"
Leonardo di Vincimultiple talented sculptor,painter, inventor
Lorenzo de Medicifamous patron of the arts
Protestantismbelief that salvation comes through faith alone
Roman Catholicismbelief that salvation comes through faith and works
pluralismholding multiple church offices
Lay investituresecular leaders appointing church officers
absenteeismoffice holder has others fulfill the obligations and duties of the office
Inquisitionchurch court designed to root out heresy
Luthermajor leader of Protestant Reformation
ZwingliSwiss Protestant leader, killed by Catholic soldiers
Husearly religious reformer, burned at the stake
CalvinFrench Protestant , advocated predestination theory
Charles VHoly Roman Emperor who excommunicated Luther
AnabaptistProtestant group which proposed the separation of church and state
AmishAmerican descendants of Anabaptist
Song of RolandFrench epic poem, tells story of conflict between Christian and Saracen forces
Canterbury Talestells of pilgrimage in England
Erasmusmonk who advocated study of the classics, reading Bible, reform Church from within
Thomas a Kempiswrote The Imitations of Christ
Castigleonewrote instruction book for aristocracy
Machiavelliwrote The Prince
Donatellofamous for bronze sculptures
Brunelleschidesigned San Lorenzo church in Florence
Henry VIIIestablished Church of England
Peace of Augsburggave German princes the authority to decide religion

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