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Important Figures in Psychology

Adler,Aneo-Freudian personality theorist; individual psychology; inferiority complex
Allport,Gauthority on personality theory and prejudice; functional autonomy
Anastasi,Atests and measurements;individual differences
Binet,AFrench experimental psychologist; developed first practical intelligence test
Bandura,Afounder of social learning theory; modeling; self-efficacy
Boring,Eauthority on expieremental psychology and history of psychology
Bruner,Jinfluencial cognitive researcher
Cajal,S.R.Spanish neuroscientist; discovered synapse
Cannon,W.psysiologist;research on homeostasis; Cannon-Bard theory of emotion
Cattell,Jresearch on reaction time; testing; individual differences
Cattell,R.B.personality theorist; factor analysis
Chompsky,Npsycholinguistics; deep vs. surface structure of language
Clark, psychologist; research on racial prejudice
Dewey, J.eminent philosopher and educator; a founder of functional psychology
Dunlap, K.experimental amd social psychology; negative practice
Ebbinghaus,HGerman expierimental psychologist; classic studies of memory
Ellis,Acreator of Rational Emotive Therapy(RET); sex therapy
Erikson,E.H.psychosocial stages of development; psychohistory
Eysenck,H.British experimental personality theorist/researcher; biological basis of personality
Fechner,G.German philosopher-physicist; founder and developer of psychophysics
Festinger, psychologist; originator of cognitve dissonance theory
Freud,S.Austrian neurologist; refined idea of the unconscious and founded psychoanalysis
Galton,F.individual differences; devised statistical methods; studied heredity and genius; originated "nature vs. nurture" concept
Gilligan,C.gender research; moral development
Guilford,J.experimental and individual differences studies; structure of intellect
Hall,G.S.founded first psychology lab in the US; first psychological journal in US; child, adolescent studies.
Helmotz,H.great 19th century psysiologist; classic studies on vision, hearing, reaction time
Harlow,H.animal researcher; contact comfort and learning sets in monkeys
Hilgard,E.hypnosis;neo-dissociation theory; learning theory; history of psychology
Horney,K.neo-Freudian personality theorist; basic anxiety
Hull,C.learning theorist; drive concept; also studies on hypnosis and suggestibilty
James,W.probably the greatest of early figures in US psychology; habit; stream of conscious; instinct; James-Lange theory of emotion
Jones,M.C."Mother of behavior therapy"; "Peter" study
Jung,C.developed system of analytical psychology; Introvert-Extrovert classification
Kohlberg,L.developer of moral stage theory
Koffka,K., Kohler,W., and Wertheimer,M.founders of Gesault psychology
Kuo,Z.Y.Chinese experimental psychologist
Lashlet,K.learning research; localization of brain function
Lazarus,A.founder of multi-modality behavior therapy
Lewin,K.field theory; social psychology
Loftus,E.F.eyewitness and repressed memories
Maslow,A.motivational/personality theorist; developed hierarchy of needs; self-actualization
McCelland,D.developed achievement motivation theory
Miller,G.cognitive theorist; information processing
Miller,N.learning interpretations of Freudian theory; biofeedback research
Pavlov,I.Russian physiologist; discovered and investigated nature of conditioned reflex
Piaget,J.eminent Swiss psychologist/pjilosopher; cognitive stage model of child development; conservation; obeject permanence
Rodin, psychologist; obesity research
Rogers,C.developed Client-Centered counseling; humanist
Rorschach,H.Swiss psychiatrist; developed Rorschach test
Seligman,M.learned helplessness; preparedness in classical conditioning
Selye,H.Czech-Canadian physiologist; invented modern stress concept
Skinner,B.F.developed operant conditioning and behavior modification movement
Spearman,C.general intelligence factor (g) theory
Sullivan,H.S.eminent psychiatrist; interpersonal theory of psychiatry
Taylor,J.S.learning theory; Manifest Anxiety Scale
Terman, of Standford-Binet IQ Test; classic long term study of gifted children
Thorndike,E.learning theorist and educational psychologist; puzzle box; law of effect
Thurstone,L.factor analytic studies of intelligence
Titchener,E.experimental psychologist; founder of structuralism
Tolman,E.behavioral-cognitive theory of learning; cognitive map; latent learning
Vygotsky,L.Russian cognitive psychologist; socio-cultural context of learning
Watson,J.B.influential experimental psychologist; founder of behavioralism; Little Albert study
Wolpe,J.founder of behavior therapy; Systematic Desensitization
Wundt, W.German physiologist; given credit for establishing first experimental psychology lab in 1879

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