Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

With these games, you can study the SAT words which relate to legal trials! For "Ally McBeal" fans!

voidto invalidate
unbiasedwithout prejudice
truantcuts school or neglects responsibilities
triteoverused; lacking freshness
tracta piece of land
testimonya statement in support of something
tacitimplied; not stated outright
swindleto cheat out of money or property
repealto take back a law or other decision
rebuttalreply to a criticism or challenge
debunkto expose the falseness of someone or something
defendantsomeone who has been accused of committing a crime
elusivecleverly avoiding or escaping
infallibleunable to be proven wrong
inferconclude by reasoning
innocuouscausing little or no harm
objectivenot affected by personal feelings
quibbleto make a minor objection
patentobvious; readily visible
precludeto make impossible

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