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Circulatory System-Blood

Variety of questions concerning the blood in the human body.

erythrocytesred blood cells
leukocyteswhite blood cells
plasmaliquid portion of blood
hematocritpercentage of red cells in whole blood
hemopoiesisformation & development of blood cells
hemoglobinred, oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells
phagocytosisprocess by which white cells engulf invading bacteria
oxygengas that is carried to the cells from the lungs
carbon dioxidewaste product that is carried from the cells to the lungs
thrombinconverts fibrinogen to fibrin, which is the basis of a clot
heparinnaturally occuring anticoagulant
7.4pH of the blood
type AB blooduniversal recipient
type O blooduniversal donor
Rh factorantigen D
anemiaa deficiency in the number of erythrocytes or a reduced hemoglobin level
sickle-cell anemiavaline is substituted for glutamic acid at one position in a hemoglobin molecule
hemophiliasex-linked inherited condition in which the blood will fail to clot in a normal period of time
hemmorrhageany undue loss of blood

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