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Chapter 14 The Expanding Nation Section 1 A Spirit of Nationalism

Chapter 14 Section 1 A Spirit of Nationalism

nationalismThis is a mix of feelings and beliefs that was brought about by the War of 1812.
"Era of Good Feelings"The time period when feelings of nationalism grew was called the ______.
FederalistPolitical unity developed and this political party dissolved.
Marbury vs. MadisonIn this Supreme Court case John Marshall said that a law was unconstitutional.
judicial reviewThis term means that the Supreme Court has the final say in interpreting the Constitution.
tariffThis is a tax on imported goods.
American made goodsA tariff not only raised government revenue, but it encouraged people to buy _______.
National RoadThis was built across the Appalachians and became the nation's main east -west transportation route.
east-westThe National Road became the nation's main transportation route in which main direction?
Erie CanalThis was the all-water transportation route connecting the Atlantic seaboard to the West.
Rush-Bagot TreatyThis agreement between Great Britain and the U.S. limited the naval forces allowed on the Great Lakes for both sides.
New York City -- BuffaloThe Erie Canal connected these two key cities.
Monroe DoctrineThis law basically told Europe to keep out of the Americas.
Convention of 1818This agreement set the 49th parallel as the border between the U.S. and Canada as far west as the Rocky Mountains.
Adams-Onis TreatySpain gave Florida to the U.S. in this agreement.
nationalismThis term refers to the belief that Americans were unique and did not have to follow the lead of other countries.

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