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Simple Machines: Topics 1-4

Learn the Termonology about simple machines topics 1-4 from "Science directions" book.

MachineA device, simple ot complicated that uses energy to perform a useful task or function.
EnergyThe ability to work
WorkThe result of force being exerted on an object and the object moving in the general direction of the force
SystemA complex machine made up of simpler working parts. Each of which may be made up of one or more simple machines.
SubsystemOne of the working parts that make up a complex machine.
Inclining planeA type of simple machine, in its simplest form, a sloping ramp which reduces the effert force needed to move a load.
PulleyA type of simple machine, in its simplest form, a wheel with a groove along the edge to recieve a rope used either to reduce the Effort force needed to lift a load or to allow a load to go up .
Effort forceThe force that you exert
LeverA type of simple machine, in its simplest form, a striaght ridid bar that pivots on a falcrom.
Wheel and Axela type of simple machine, in its simplest form a large wheel and a smaller wheel mounted onto a common axis so the the wheels can rotate.
force advantagethe advantage that is provided by a machine when the efferot force is smaller than the force of gravity is on the load being moved.
speed advantage:a speed increase provided by a machine
wedgea simple machine, w kind of inclining plane consisiting of a V-shape type of material.
screwa type of simple machine, essentialy a inclining plane wrpped around a cylinder.

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