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The Russian Revolution

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StrikeRefusal to work
Alexander IITsar who abolished serfdom
StalinBegan a rule of terror in the Soviet Union where people were executed or sent to Siberia for not following his ideas
TsarPerson at the top of Russia's social pyramid; also, a term for emperor
Vladimir Ilyich LeninRussian lawyer who led the Bolsheviks
St. PetersburgRussia's first capital
TotalitarianType of rule where the government controls all aspects of people's lives
CommunismA political and economic system in which all land and all businesses are controlled by government
Nicholas IIRussia's last tsar
MoscowBolsheviks moved the capital of Russia south to this ancient city
Josef StalinSoviet revolutionary and dictator who ruled the Soviet Union from 1924 - 1953
U.S.S.RUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
DumaName of the Parliament that shared power with Nicholas II
AnastasiaDaughter of Nicholas II
SiberiaCold steppe in northern Russia where people were sent if they displeased the government
BolsheviksPolitical group led by Lenin
Command economyEconomy completely controlled by government
15 millionStalin had this many people killed or sent to Siberia
Stalin had people killed or sent to Siberia for:Worshipping, teaching, writing to friends in another country, or if your farm did not produce enough food
Changes made in Russia due to communism:Private property outlawed and churches closed

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