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Les Questions

Révisez les expressions interrogatives.

quiwho (subject)
quewhat (direct object)
quoiwhat (object of preposition)
quelwhich (masc. sing.)
quellewhich (fem. sing.)
quelswhich (masc. plural)
quelleswhich (fem. plural)
combienhow much, how many
commenthow (often used with descriptions)
qui est-ce qui= qui (who, subject)
qu'est-ce quiwhat (subject of sentence)
lequelwhich one (masc. sing.)
laquellewhich one (fem. sing.)
lesquelswhich ones (masc. plural)
lesquelleswhich ones (fem. plural)
qu'est-ce que= que (what)
avec quoiwith what
avec quiwith whom
de quiabout whom
de quoiabout what
pour quifor whom

Bev Larson

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