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Biology - chapter 6, Cellular Transport, Communication, and Energy Processes.

multicellular organismAn organism that contains more than one cell.
receptor proteinsProteins found embedded in the cell membrane that send signals to the inside of the cell.
diffusionMovement of a substance from a region of high concentration to a region of lower concentration, uses kinetic energy of the molecules.
osmosisDiffusion of water.
selective transportmovement of specific molecules by means of protein channels and pumps.
facillitated diffusionA Form of selective transport that can only move molecules from high to low concentration.
active transportmovement of molecules that require ATP molecules can be concentrated against the gradient.
endocytosisProcess of the cell engulfing large particles to bring them inside the cell.
exocystosiswastes or secretions expelled form the cell using small sacs.
metabolismchemical reactions that occur in a cell.
activation energyEnergy required to start a reaction.
enzymeProtein that controls chemical reactions in a cell.
catalystA compound that lowers the activation energy for a chemical reaction.
substrateA molecule that an enzyme changes.
active siteThe region on an enzyme that the substrate binds.
ATPThe energy molecule of the cell that is used for metabolism.
cellular respirationThe process of taking apart molecules and transferring the energy to ATP.
glycolysisThe first step in cellular respiration.
oxidation respirationThe process that requires oxygen to finish vreaking a glucose molecule down and transferring the energy to ATP.
pyruvic acidThe end product of glycolysis.
fermentationThe process of converting pyruvic acid to alcohol and carbon dioxide.
feedback inhibitionSlowing or stopping a reaction to control metabolism.

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