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hacer - present, preterite, future, gerund and past participle

I do / makehago
you (tú) do / makehaces
he/she/it does / makes - you (usted) do / makehace
we do / makehacemos
you (vosotros) do / makehacéis
they do / make - you (ustedes) do / makehacen
I did / madehice
you (tú) did / madehiciste
he/she/it did / made - you (usted) did / madehizo
we did / madehicimos
you (vosotros) did / madehicisteis
they did / made - you (ustedes) did / madehicieron
I will do / makeharé
you (tú) will do / makeharás
he/she/it will do / make - you (usted) will do / makehará
we will do / makeharemos
you (vosotros) will do / makeharéis
they will do / make - you (ustedes) will do / makeharán
past participlehecho

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