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Naming Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Write formulas for mixed ionic and covalent compounds.

carbon dioxideCO2
sodium chloriteNaClO2
aluminum sulfateAl2(SO4)3
tetraphosphorus decaoxideP4O10
sulfur hexafluorideSF6
magnesium acetateMg(C2H3O2)2
ammonium phosphide(NH4)3PO4
carbon tetrachlorideCCl4
dinitrogen monoxideN2O
phosphorus tribromidePBr3
zinc carbonateZnCO3
potassium sulfiteK2SO3
dinitrogen pentaoxideN2O5
oxygen monofluorideOF
calcium sulfideCaS
silver phosphateAg3PO4
sulfur dioxideSO2
dinitrogen tetraoxideN2O4
nitrogen trifluorideNF3
iron (III) oxalateFe2(C2O4)3
barium hydroxideBa(OH)2
dicarbon hexahydrideC2H6
copper (II) nitriteCu(NO2)2
magnesium iodideMgI2
oxygen dichlorideOCl2
dihydrogen monosulfideH2S
beryllium oxideBeO

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