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Key Words, Chapter 11

key words and definitions for Chapter 11

corduroy roada road made by laying logs crosswide over an area
turnpikea road paid for by fees collected from users
tolla fee that is paid for the use of a road
steamboata boat powered by a steam engine
tributarya stream or river that feeds into a larger stream or river
manufacturingthe making of goods in factories
looma weaving machine
cotton bollthe fluffy white part of the cotton plant
cotton gina machine that removes seeds from cotton
interchangeable parta part that can be replaced by another exactly like it
immigranta person who leaves one country to settle in another
mountain mana trailblazing fur trapper or trader in the West
wagon traina long line of covered wagons traveling together
dictatora person with complete control of a country
revoltan armed uprising
forty-ninera gold-seeker who arrived in California in 1849
irrigationthe practice of channeling water from rivers and streams to farm fields

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