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America in Modern Times

History from Roosevelt to Modern Inventions

Theodore RooseveltPresident of the US in 1901- set up huge "National Parks"
District of ColumbiaUnited States's captial city - where the national government is located
Washington, DCWhere our President lives
John AdamsFirst President to live in the White House
The Capitol BuildingLeaders from all the fifty states meet to make laws in this place
Supreme Court BuildingThe place where judges work
The Supreme CourtMakes sure that all state laws follow the Constitution of the US
Red in the flagstands for courage
White in the flagstands for purity and liberty
Blue in the flagstands for faithfulness and loyalty
1969the year the US put a man on the moom
Neil Armstrongthe first man to walk on the moon
John F. Kennedythe President who said that the US would put a man on the moon before the year 1970
Thirteenthe number of stripes on our flag
Fiftythe number of stars on our flag; represents the number of states
Persian Gulf Warthe most recent war located in the Middle East
World War 1a world war fought from 1914-1918
World War 2world war fought from 1939-1945
The Korean WarWar fought from 1950-1953
"Teddy Bear"Was named after President Theodore Roosevelt

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