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Chapter 6

actinide serieselements with atomic numbers 90-103
alkali metalsthe group 1A / 1 elements, except hydrogen
alkaline earth metalsthe Group 11A / 2 elements
electron configurationthe arrangement of electrons bey sublevels according to increasisng energy
electron dot formulaa symbolic diagram for an element and its valence electrons
Groupa vertical column of elements with similar properties
halogensthe GroupV11A / 17 elements
inner transition elementslanthanide and actinide series
ionan atom that bears a charge as the result of gaining or losing valence electrons
ionic chargethe + charge on a metal atom that lost electrons or the (-) charge on a nonmetal atom that has gained electrons
ionization energyamt of energy needed to remove an electon from a neutral atom
lanthanide serieselements with atomic #s 58-71
nobel gasesrelatively unreactive Group V111A / 18 elements
periodhorizontal row of elements with properties varying from metallic to nonmetallic
representative elementsGroup a (1,2,13-18)elements
Transition elementsGroup B (3- 12) elements
valence electronselectrons that occuppy the outermost s and p sublevels of an atom


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