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phylum protozoacommon name protozoans or protists
class ciliophoracommon name = ciliates
class mastigophoracommon name = flagellates
class sarcodinacommon name = amoebas
class sporozoacommon name = spore formers
aerobicuses oxygen
anaerobicdo not use oxygen
sexuallyunion of sperm and egg
ciliasmall hairs
flagellumlonger than cilia
pseudopodiafalse feet
ciliophora main characteristicmove about using cilia
example of ciliophoraparamecium
mastigophora main characteristicmove by flagella
example of mastigophoraeuglena or volvox
mastigophoraare part plant, part animal
mastigorphora parasitic formtypansome caused sleeping sickness and dum dum fever, by the Tse Tse Fly
Sarcodina main characteristicemove by pseudopodia
pseudopodiaare used by food-gettign and locomaiton
sarcodina parasitic formentamoeba lives in the intestines of animals and keeps them from absorbing water
amoebic dysentarysevere diahrrea (sarcodina)
example of sporozoagregarine plasmodium
plasmodium causemalaria
malariafrom mosquito, plasmodium gets into bloodstream

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