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the skeletal system

what is the skeletal systemall the bones together
name one reason what the skeletal system doesit gives shape and support to your body
name one more reason wyh your skeletal system is imporantthe bones protect your internal organs
how are bones classifiedby their shape
what is the humerusis a long bone in your upper arm
what is periosteumthe surface of the bone id covered with a tough tissue called periosteum
what does compact bones containbone cells, blood vessels, the minerals calicum and phosphorus
where is the spongy bone foundtoward the ends of the bone
what is marrowa fatty tissue
what is cartilagea thick smooth layer of tissue
does cartilage contain blood vesselsno
what are bone forming cells calledosteoblasts
what is a break in the bone calleda fracture
how can you heal a broken boneth e bone has to be brought together
what is a ligamenta tough band of tissue that holds bones together
what is a immovable jointit allows little or no movement
what is a movable jointallows the body to maka a wide range of movement
name one type of a movable jointball and socket
what is a musclean organ that contracts and gets shorter
what is a volantary musclemuscles that you control


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