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Bones,Muscles,and Skin

Define skeletal system.the frame work of your body
Define periosteum.the surface of the long portion of the bone is covered with a though, tight--fitting membrane
What is a fracture?a break in the bone
What is an immovable joint?allows little or no movement
What is a movable joint?allows the the body to make a wide range of movement
What is a muscle?an organ that contracts and gets shorter
What are voluntary muscles?are muscles that you control
What are involuntary muscles?are muscles that you can't consciously control
What are skeletal muscles?are attached to bones by tendons
Are smooth muscles voluntary, or involuntary?involuntary
Where are cardiac muscles found?in the heart only
Cardiac muscle contracts about _____ times per minute every day of your life.70
Are cardiac muscles voluntary or involuntary?involuntary
What are anabolic steroids?are drugs that contain a variation of the hormone testosterone
What is the epidermis?the surface layer of the skin
What is the melanin?a pigment that gives your skin color
What is the dermis?the layer of tissue under the epedermis

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